Overcoming Sin and Temptation chapter 9

I’ve accumulated in me burdens of shame, chaotic tumult, mountains of confusions and convictions ignored.  


This hurts (like a surgeons knife a valuable and temporary pain – when the knife is held well) to the point of tears; over remorse and mortification of my willful ignorance.  I’m amazed at how the predilection in me is to pout instead of do; how I’ve wasted my Lord’s time.  This book is tough for me to read but is that why I neglect prayer and Bible reading?  Same reason?  The harm of this weakness is overwhelmingly destructive and humiliating.  And wimpy, weakening muscles needing constant work – no wonder I’m stuck and can’t move!!


How can I say I wan’t Him. love Him, WORSHIP Him if I ignore even one sin He reveals to me that flagrantly casts this horror of pride, destitute negligence and hate of God in His face?  What am I doing? What won’t I do to my Savior, my Holy God?!?  Oh that this would end.


Read His Word, take on the humbling, gracious gift of prayer as a cloak and a succor and a balm and wash in the blood – every nook, every cranny, every fiber, every crevice dark, dank and filthy.  How can I come to the throne of my thrice holy, magnificent God if I’ve been covered in His blood only to wash it off as soon as possible! Only to allow it penetrate so far and no more! Only to allow it cleanse a little here, some more there, not AT ALL in this place!!!


O God! Why have I neglected you and your precepts?!  Father, give to me the greatest desire to have faith, to conquer sin, to move mountains – but I don’t want to pray or study or read or set time aside for only You! How can I deceive myself like this?


What haven’t I done?  Take it all away. Just like the simplest Sunday School lessons taught at the earliest years – take it all away.  Wash ALL of me in your blood.  Cleanse my dearest sin from me!  It reviles the only thing that matters to me, it disgusts and fills with perfect hate the only One who can sustain me, it sours the only pure relationship I can have and it sends me spinning into confused, chaotic and fruitless endeavors that no matter what, couldn’t possible serve You.


Empty me! Fill me with the Comforters guidance and love. Fill me with Your goodness; Your greatness.  Empty me and take me to do and to will of your good pleasure because I only wish to hate myself and only to Love You!


To Your glory, Father, Amen.



Overcoming Sin and Temptation

Tim Challies, a Pastor and blogger I’ve come to enjoy reading, started reading “Overcoming Sin and Temptation” edited by Justin Taylor and Kelly Kapic and is sharing it with his readers chapter by chapter.  This is part of his “Reading Classics Together” section on his blog.  The book consists of three works by John Owen’s: “Of the Mortification of Sin in Believers”, “Of Temptation: The Nature and Power of It” and “The Nature, Power, Deceit, and Prevelancy of the Remainders of Indwelling Sin in Believers”.  I put the last title in its full glory because it is devastatingly and regretfully accurate for so many of us.  ‘Prevelancy (or prevalence)’ and ‘Remainders’ being the operative words for this believer.

This is a convicting work.  Find the discussions here and go to each days article by clicking the title of a particular Thursday’s entry to see various comments from Mr. Challies readers.  The Word of God convicts, admonishes and instructs as well as comforts.  It is up to us to discern God’s will through it and apply it IMMEDIATELY to our lives.  John Owen is a prince of expositors and does this exceedingly well.  He wields the Sword effectively.  Read your Bible first, always, with prayer and supplication, seeking to obey the commands of your Master forthwith. Read Godly, sound teaching with a discerning and eager heart.  You would be hard pressed to do poorly with John Owens’ writings.

I’ve read the last and the current (10/23/2014) posting and now I’m going to join the read.  I’ve had the components of this book in John Owens original language (a battle to read sometimes, but like the KJV version of the English Holy Bible or Shakespeare for that matter, it is worth working out).  The version by the editors mentioned earlier is slightly modernized and probably easier to read.  It is purported to retain Owens’ style.  It certainly has retained his convictions and love and desperate desire for Christs’ words.

Pray before reading any book of man for guidance and discernment.  Read, out loud preferably, the passages of scripture in the text and the notes – it is God’s Word.  Study the text of the book and the texts of the Bible port forth in the book.

Re-read it.  It is a book that can be judged well by the simple fact it is re-readable for profit – probably over and over again.  I can see myself re-reading it more than once.

My comments will follow here instead of clogging up Mr. Challies comments section at the bottom of the each chapters entry. I’l link them to his comments section.

So get your self a copy and read along.  The first entry for this book lists sites to buy it various forms or download a free a copy.